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whats this cashback thing?

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whats this cashback thing?



I just joined this with the free BB for one year and got email to say I can get cashback when I click on the link it gives me I just get a white page and says unsecure connection and has configured their website incorrectly, so I can't see what it is or get any forms displayed??  (pic below)

Also it mentions a cheque posted to me can you not choose for cashback to go on your account after all we had to give bank details when signing up so they have them already?   I'm housebound and unable to physically get to my bank to deposit a cheque on a regular basis, is the cheque a one off or something that arrives more than once over the year?




Katimessage I get when clicking on link thats meant to lead to a form???message I get when clicking on link thats meant to lead to a form???

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: whats this cashback thing?

We'll get that looked into.

With regards to the cashback cheque itself it has to be cashed in I'm afraid we can't just apply it to your account.

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 Matthew Wheeler
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Re: whats this cashback thing?

The domain does appear to be registered to Plusnet but it looks like the certificate expired a few days ago:plusnetcashbackcertificateinfo.PNG

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: whats this cashback thing?

Are you ok to give this a go again?

The SSL certificate should be restored now.

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