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Upgrade to Fibre Extra (with phone) DELAY and HIGHER CHARGES

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Upgrade to Fibre Extra (with phone) DELAY and HIGHER CHARGES

I am an existing plusnet broadband (ADSL) customer who has been with you for over 13 years now.

On Thursday 6th December I was informed FTTC was enabled at our green cabinet and would be accepting orders.



That evening I signed into my plusnet account and selected Unlimited Fibre Extra (with phone line & anytime calls package.)

Email confirmation stating it would change over on Thursday 13th December and would text or email to confirm upgrade.

No email or text on the 13th. Checked open questions in my account. On hold then off hold then on hold until friday 14th. Still no email or text. I added to the open question for someone to connect me. Nothing.

Saturday evening. I tried to call customer services. Just got through to someone after 30 minutes wait and asked why the hold up for my upgrade. They put me on hold to find out and battery on landline phone died, so cut off.

Rang again (using mobile) having to wait another 45 minutes to get through to someone. Asked for reasons but they needed to transfer to tech/provisioning dept. Back into the queue with a 55 minute wait. Finally answered by customer service who informed me that the provisioning department had finished for the day (& weekend) 10 minutes after I had been placed in the queue.

The customer service guy added to my open question for his manager to get provisioning to connect openreach monday morning to see why there is a delay and then call me. A total of 2 and a half hours on the phone.

Email sent tonight at 5pm saying there is no delay but openreach have booked the upgrade for 7th January 2019.


This is simply not good enough. Being told it would only be a week now its going to be 4 weeks. I am currently still WAITING in the queue to retentions (after speaking to customer services about 50 minutes ago).


As I've been waiting tonight I've also noticed a new customer can get the same deal for £27.99 a month on a 12 month contract yet I am being charged £47.98 on a 18 month contract.

Finally got through to provisions department. Told openreach can only upgrade on 7th January at the earliest. If I want to cancel (14 days from date of order) I need to by this thursday. If I were to place a new order (after speaking to retentions tomorrow regarding the higher charge for an existing customer (as they are closed now for the night) that could delay the upgrade to further beyond the 7th January. Another hour and 25 minutes on the phone tonight.


I am so disappointed with the extremely poor customer service, particularly to a loyal customer, having no solutions or answers, transferring to departments that are closed and the very long queues.


Looks like another long wait on the phone tomorrow morning to retentions.

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre Extra (with phone) DELAY and HIGHER CHARGES

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre Extra (with phone) DELAY and HIGHER CHARGES

I have now since getting off the phone to the provisions department received a text message saying "it was due to go live on 11/12/2018 (thats 5 days not 7 from the date of order). They are going to contact the suppliers (Openreach) then call me back.

Do I wait for them to call back or do I still call retentions in the morning regarding the high price compared to a new customer (hoping they're are aware of provisions contacting openreach regarding the delay)?

They have also taken off the HOLD on the open question regarding my order, which is at least something positive.

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Re: Upgrade to Fibre Extra (with phone) DELAY and HIGHER CHARGES

Hi @DimesUK


Thank you for getting in touch. I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have been experiencing. I would advise speaking with our Customer Options Team in order to discuss any potential discounts they might be able to offer you as part of the upgrade.


Our provisioning department will be in touch once they have chased our suppliers.


Please do not hesitate to get back in touch if we can be of further assistance.