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UNACCEPTABLE!! No internet access during installation

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UNACCEPTABLE!! No internet access during installation



Before I rage all over the place, I need to know do I really need to wait 2 weeks for internet access because the engineer cut off the old internet service during the phone line installation took place few days ago. I have coursework due soon and I could not afford to wait that long without internet access. Please sort something out Plusnet.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: UNACCEPTABLE!! No internet access during installation

Hi ricky00130,


I am sorry about the delay to your order. From looking into this for you it is because of engineer availability in your area. The 19/04/16 was requested by our selves but due to the availability our suppliers confirmed your appointment for the 25/04/16 as this was the earliest date available to complete the work. Any gap between your phone service and broadband service will be amended on your first monthly direct debit to reflect the time with out your fibre service.