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Switch cancellation?

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Switch cancellation?

I joined last week when I switched from my provider TalkTalk to Plusnet, I'm still waiting to receive my new router and for the switch to go ahead but I just received an email from TalkTalk saying that they've received notification from another provider (Plusnet) and that I would like to stop the cancellation of my TalkTalk service. I didn't ask for a cancellation, as far as I'm aware all of this was taken care of and I'd be switching over to Plusnet soon, could use some answers to what's going on?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Switch cancellation?

Hiya @harleyts1992, thanks for getting in touch. 


I'm really sorry for the delay in getting back to your post. 


It looks like there was an issue with the initial order our automated system placed, so I have now reissued this and we will keep you updated. I've also ordered the router manually for you. 


I've had a check of the address and I'm still seeing a working line, with no cease in place. TalkTalk will receive notification of our orders and will then arrange the cease of your services for the date we are due to take over. 


If you have any further queries, please let me know!


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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team