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Successful FTTP upgrade and landline port out

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Successful FTTP upgrade and landline port out

Hi all, 


A quick update following previous posts to share my experience with upgrading from FTTC to FTTP and porting out my landline number. Thanks to everyone who has previously shared their experiences and I'm pleased to say that it went very smoothly. I was coming towards the end of my FTTC contract and had been looking at options and had pretty much concluded that I'd have to transfer out to another ISP, but few seem to offer decent FTTP and VOIP (Zen and IDNet seemed to be the best, although the latter is pricey). 


My fibre install date was 3 working days before my contract expired, but Plusnet confirmed that I wouldn't be charged an early termination fee as I was getting a new FTTP package and they didn't offer a landline/VOIP as part of that. I asked the  Openreach engineer if he'd take out my copper line and he said they wouldn't (in case there was an issue with the install, but it was likely to be taken away eventually, although this isn't imminent). Therefore on the activation date, my FTTC and copper landline worked, as well as the FTTP connection. The switchover was as simple as changing the router's ethernet line from the FTTC modem to the ONT terminal (I kept my own router). 

After the fibre install was complete, my landline was still active and the Plusnet portal showed the product upgrade was in progress for another 2 days after the activation date. On the day of the fibre install, I initiated the landline port out to Andrews & Arnold ( via their website. I did speak to them beforehand (got straight through to someone who was knowledgeable), but this wasn't necessary. 

The next day, AA confirmed the port had been accepted and I was subsequently advised of the port date and time (3 working days after the port was confirmed). I ordered a new handset from AA and they configured it for my account which made everything super easy. I did initially look at getting an adapter for my existing phone, but finding a decent one wasn't as straight forward as it should have been and getting one via another VOIP provider involved some additional config).

The port happened as expected and AA kept me updated regularly. The setup was very straightforward (with the initial config done by AA, so it was pretty much out of the box).

Pleased with the fibre speeds and the porting process. Thanks all.

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Re: Successful FTTP upgrade and landline port out


Excellent news.