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Second Broadband Line whilst with other provider

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Second Broadband Line whilst with other provider

Hi there,


To provide an overview of my current situation:

I am looking to set-up a secondary broadband line in a garage conversion (this is not connected to the main house - about 3 metres separate). I previously had a phone line set up in here almost a decade ago, which has since been disconnected.

I am wondering whether I would be able to take out a subscription with Plusnet on top of my primary subscription with Sky. I have found it difficult to find information about this online, and Sky were not prepared to establish a second broadband line to set-up wifi in the garage conversion.


My current wifi is Fibre (Sky Superfast - 35mb/s), would Plusnet be able to set up a fibre line into the garage conversion whilst I maintain a contract with both Sky and Plusnet?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Second Broadband Line whilst with other provider

Hi @jh99 

A warm welcome to the forums.  Given enough time, money and effort, nearly anything is possible.  First though can you expand on why you want to do this.

  1. Is this to be used as a separate dwelling, having a toilet, running water and capable of being inhabited?  If not, BT Openreach "Not Served Premises" rules come into play and life gets really complicated (I have the scars)!
  2. If to be used as a dwelling, will that be a separate legal entity from yourself - that is will someone else pay the bill?
  3. If you intend to pay the bill, why do you want a separate service?
    1. Additional bandwidth
    2. Resilience
    3. Not explored other ways of facilitating internet access in the converted garage
  4. If you do a search here by postcode, is your old line to the garage listed?

If there is no need for additional bandwidth or resilience, then you might manage with a dLan connection between the garage and the house.  In the situation where I obtained my NSP scars it was in relation to a barn converted into an office some 40-50 yards from the house.  Whilst we went through the mill with BT Openrach to get a new line supplied, I ran the operation over Develo ethernet over power adapters without issue, the only limit being that the service in the house was ADSL rather than FTTC!

Your current service is FTTC so you might get way with a dLan / wifi solution.

If you really want a separate service, then that should not be an issue - you simply order as a NEW CUSTOMER with NO EXISTING phone line.  Make very clear you want a NEW LINE installing and the current service is to be left untouched.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.