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Any Pre-instllation work I can do?

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Any Pre-instllation work I can do?

Hi Guys,


I am about to switch from Vodafone broadband to Plusnet fibre. 


I believe that means my old Openreach box will be replaced with an optical network terminal, is that right?


Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the ONT and direct me to a picture? I have to site it in a place with limited space.


Also, are there any other boxes I will have to accomodate?


My current router is an ASUS AX5400. Can I use it? It was massively better than the router from Vodafone. Will it be better than the router from plusnet?




Thanks ahead  

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Re: Any Pre-instllation work I can do?

I think the current ONT is the Nokia one on here.  Someone with a recent install might be better to confirm that though.

From a quick google the ASUS AX5400 should work well.  It appears to have a WAN port, which would plug into your ONT with a CAT 5e or CAT 6 ethernet cable and supports PPPoE.

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Re: Any Pre-instllation work I can do?

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Re: Any Pre-instllation work I can do?


The location needs to be near a power source and consideration given as to where the fibre cable comes into the house. A good engineer will work with you on location if it's tecnically possible. You won't know until the day of installation.


If your router works on FTTC and has a WAN port it can be used. It is connected by Ethernet cable to the ONT which gives more choice of router location if you're happy to run cable internally.


Can't say for certain which ONT is currently in use but they tend to be the size of a phone socket. The following two (old) news articles will give you some idea.