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Reward or Scam?

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Reward or Scam?

When I moved my internet to Plusnet at the beginning of September they promised me a £60 'reward card'. To get that they sent me an e-mail (to a web-mail address) requiring me to fill in some form. Their e-mail contained two links, neither of which worked when I tried them, & they'd imposed a 2 month time limit to apply for the reward card.
I tried those links several times over the two month period with the same result each time.

The day before the 2 months expired I spent a couple of hours trawling the web before getting hold of a phone number for the firm supplying the card. I rang them & got onto Alex who tried it himself and got the same result so he put in a report, mentioning that the limit was about to expire.

They appear to have admitted it was a computer 'error' which has been corrected. The link now works but I get a message saying that the reward period has expired!
I find this whole farce totally unacceptable. I can see no need to either have to apply for the reward nor to have a short time limit on that application. When I was with TalkTalk they simply sent the 'reward' automatically through the post.

Have other people been similarly affected by this?

Is it fair that I should lose out on my reward card as a direct result of what they admit was a failure on their part?

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Re: Reward or Scam?

@ShortChanged  Welcome to the forum.

I think I sure you post the exact same question on the Think broadband forums as well.

The reward cards are administered by a third party on behalf of PlusNet (Purecard I believe),  The need to apply is so they can issue you with a prepaid debit card, and they need to verify your details -verify you are the correct person, etc..

I got might posted to me just before end of the 30 days after I filled in the form.

I can only suggest you log a complaint and hopefully you will be offered something

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Reward or Scam?

Hi @ShortChanged 

I'm really sorry you had issues with the PureCard link. 

I have sent our Billing Operations team (who deal with these rewards) an email explaining the situation and asking for further guidance. 


As soon as I get a reply I will let you know. 

I did try and call you about this, but the Landline rang out and the mobile number we have on file seems to be old/incorrect somehow.


All the best