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Order Delays

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Order Delays


I’m growing increasingly frustrated with the service I am receiving from yourselves.

I reluctantly upgraded the service on 31/08/2022 to full fibre broadband after having endured subpar speeds for 6 months.

The original change over date I was given was 7/09/2022. This date came and went and I received no communication from yourselves as to why there was a delay. I also still hadn’t received the new router by then either. I called your service centre and was on hold for about 50 minutes to be told that it had been delayed as an engineer needed to visit the terminal and make a change from ADSL to fibre. I was also assured that my router would be sent out.

The customer service rep spoke about the BT strikers and how it was impacting everything. Fine. I understand and am in support of those striking. However, what I don’t understand is why it took me calling in and spending 50 minutes on hold just to find this out. You could’ve saved hassle by communicating why there was a delay.

It’s now 21/09/2022. 21 days since upgrading, and 14 days since the original change over date.

To make things worse, my current connection seems to be down and so I’m back on my cellular data again.

What’s happening with my connection?!




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Re: Order Delays

Hi there!

I'm sorry for the delay with your fibre order and apologies for the lack of communication.

Yeah I can see your fibre order was delayed from the 7th to 20th of this month due to engineer availability in the area. It completed yesterday afternoon though, so I suspect the downtime you've had was the engineer doing the work. 

Additionally, we had put your router in the post on the 13th September so I'd expect you'd have received it by now and it looks like you have as I can see your fibre connection is up and running. 

Is all okay now? 

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
Anoush Mortazavi