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No broadband connection 20 days and counting

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No broadband connection 20 days and counting

So I thought I would post this as I'm fed up with plusnet, I've had broadband with other different providers for over a decade now and no problem, thought I would give plusnet a go this time and it seems to have been the biggest mistake ever. They told me they would activate my broadband line on the 11th but that never happened although phone line was activated and I got a solid orange light on the router, when I rang up they said they would escalate it to see what's wrong, gave me dates to when it would be sorted, dates came still nothing, so they said they would escalate it again to open reach, few days later still nothing, then when I rang up and complained they wouldn't let me speak to the assist team and the person on the phone said they couldn't help as I have to wait for the assist team to get back to me, that night I got a text to say my line will be activated on the 24th, that day came and still no activation, I phoned up and complained and demanded a manager from the assist team ring me back, after 30mins someone rang me back apologising and said the broadband is active, I went home checked, even reset the router and still no connection, finally someone from complaints got back to me and they said they would take over and check, they confirmed everything is complete but they don't know why I still have no connection, raised the question with BT wholesale who are still checking and keep saying to review back in a few days, that's all I get told, that they will review back in 48hrs but they never connect the line. In all these years of using broadband providers I have never had such bad service in a time where we really need the Internet for everything.

Has anyone else had issues like this with plusnet?

Appealing service, they can't even provide the one main service they started with.
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Re: No broadband connection 20 days and counting

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Re: No broadband connection 20 days and counting

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Re: No broadband connection 20 days and counting

@Kagzy  Welcome to the Community forums.

Is your phone working with the correct phone number? To check the number ring 17070.

Which hub have you got and what colour light(s) are showing?

If you log into the hub by entering into the address field of your browser is the username showing as <youraccountname> or

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