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No Broadband Services After New Contract

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Registered: ‎14-10-2020

No Broadband Services After New Contract

Long story short i called up a month ago to close my account and cease my services. A week later i called up asking for the request to be cancelled due to new contract with a different provider fell through the floor. I was signed up for a new contract that was due to start today. However i called in today as my services have been disconnected today. Looking at my account the adviser has said that the cease order was never cancelled and has gone through for today leading to the disconnection of services. I was advised to call up later in the afternoon to ensure a new connection is started again. However i have now been told my account will completely close and i'll have to sign up for broadband all over again?!?

Im now as it stands to have nothing now which is incredibly frustrating as all i have is 4G over data and i need to work from home. Ok yes maybe i shouldn't have cancelled! But this still frustrating as it seems like a simple process is being overly complicated and confusing.


Case no.: 207156238