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New long???

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New long???

Hi folks,
How long does it usually take from placing an order with Plusnet to finally getting activated?
Ordered a PlusNet fibre & phone package on the 19/05/18.
Still waiting nearly a month later for further info. Received the "welcome pack" but thats it.
According to the online progress page, my line is still being checked!!
Tried to get more progress info but the online chat never seems to be working and im fed up of sitting waiting on hold to actually get to speak to a anyone.
Cant say Im overly impressed so far😯
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Re: New long???

2 weeks on average, I'm also a high dissatisfied customer,
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Re: New long???

Thanks for the reply.
2 weeks, oh dear looks like theres a problem with my order then!!
Looks like I will just have to phone them again and sit on hold for.......a .....really......long.......time😌
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Re: New long???

I've just switched back from BT to Plusnet and it took 14 days. The only issue was the router not turning up by the day of activation which became an irrelevance anyway as I've just continued to use my BT Homehub 6, otherwise, faultless. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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Re: New long???


Put you phone number in the following.


In the narrative below the results does it say anything about an open order.



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Re: New long???

Hi Brian,
No mention of a new order as far as I can tell. Rather a lot of technical jargon though!!
Do you reckon this lack of a "new order" statement means that my plusnet order isnt progressing?
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Re: New long???

I think you need some input from the Plusnet help team.

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Re: New long???

Id love some input!!
Online chat seems to be offline!! and I think Ive heard the full Plusnet "all our staff are busy" music playlist😉
Will just have to keep trying.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New long???


Sorry to hear this.

I'm looking into this for you and I'll update your account shortly

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New long???

Dear Plusnet,


This is my first post.

The following message was sent to you on 8th Oct. Can I please have a response to the items listed.

I just want to know when the fibre and phone will be operational please. Has my router been posted yet?


Message as follows....


I placed a fibre and phone package with Plusnet on 25th September online. Plusnet took £23.99 out of my account on 26th September. I heard nothing from you so i tried calling twice at the beginning of October, only to be told by an automated message that you were in "Emergency conditions" and couldn't take calls.


I tried contacting your web-chat service but it was too busy. The page simply said that i should "try refreshing my browser to get web-chat going". I tried refreshing many times. No luck.


I left a note on Trustpilot because i had no other means of contacting you. Plusnet, you contacted me back via trustpilot to say i should log a message on your website. I did this. No one replied.


I tried calling today. You eventually picked up after 25 minutes. I was told that my order had not actually been registered on your system. I asked for this to be done whilst I was on the phone. You gave me a reference code for the phone and fibre order.


I asked why money had been taken from my account even though it had not been registered as an order. You couldn't explain to an acceptable standard. I'm not even sure if you have taken the correct sum... without a confirmed contract, it's impossible to verify.


I have not received any confirmation of my contract or the package / costs that i have signed up to. You could not confirm when my 14 day cooling off period would start.... is it today, 8th Oct, when you say the actual order was placed, or 26th Sept, the date you took £23.99 from my account? Why take money from my account for a service i have not received?


The phone cut out at 44 minutes and I have a full recording of the conversation which i will post online shortly if i don't receive a response.

I tried contacting Plusnet again via yor web-chat service but the plusnet website kept saying i should try refreshing the browser. I gave up after 10 attempts.


Plusnet.... your code of practice says that if your customers have a complaint, then they should contact via phone or website... how are we expected to do this if you do not have enough customer assistants to answer phone calls or run the web-chat service?


Plusnet, I'd like the following please:


1) A date for when i will start receiving a service for both phone and broadband

2) A call back from your service team on my mobile to explain when my cooling off period starts, should i wish to cancel.

3) Confirmation of when i will be billed (I need specific dates please)

4) A copy of the contract that you have signed me up to.

5) Confirmation of my monthly payments.


Please respond. Thank you.


Spencer Drake

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: New long???

Hi @spencedrake22,


Firstly welcome to the forums. I'm sorry you've been experiencing issues getting your services activation, and just general information about the completion.


I'll have a look at the issues you've raised and answer the best I can here for you but if it needs to get account specific then I will need to update you via a ticket on your individual account. 


Before we go any further I would warn you against posting your call online in full/at all, firstly because it will go against the forum rules and will get deleted, it will contain your security information, and if you haven't pre-advised the agent that you are recording them it can cause issues. Rest assure if needed we record all calls for complaints processes as well for you.  


Earlier this month we had a flood in one of our offices which caused a lot of disruption on at least one day as staff were evacuated, or had to travel to a different city to work. This is not ideal, but those kind of circumstances cannot be helped. I can only assume this is when you attempted to call and received this message, though if you have the date and approximate time I can try and get you a more accurate explanation.


The webchat service works fine, but if there are too many in the queue waiting to be answered it will not let others join until space is freed up. It's worth noting that if you have an ad blocker installed on your browser, or a pop up blocker, then the live chat service will not work. You will need to disable these before attempting to use live chat. 


A copy of the deal and contract you signed up and the initial payment you made can be viewed here, this was also emailed to the contact email address that was originally provided to us upon signup. 


When you applied for the account, on the date you've advised, our system should automatically place your order on receipt of your initial payment. This initial payment is effectively like a nonrefundable deposit (unless you cancel during cooling off, or service cannot be supplied), this covers your full first months worth of service. So once your account goes live your next invoice date moves to a month after the live date and this is when your next bill is taken. 


I can see the ticket you raised here and I'll use this to update on the completion dates and the account specific stuff you've requested answers to. If you want to click the link it should answer these questions. I've also included the email address you provided when signing up to make sure it's correct, if it isn't then please reply on the ticket with the correct one and I'll update it. If it is correct it might be worth checking that your email provider has not marked the email as spam. 


With regards to the cooling off period the terms and conditions state that the cooling off period is "14 days from the day after you sign-up for the service", obviously if there's been an issue somewhere then there is always discretion that can be taken into account, such as a case like this. 


Answers to questions 1, 3 will be provided on the ticket, as noted earlier. 2 has been answered directly above. 4 and 5 have been answered earlier also (for reference here is the link again).


Please let me know if you need any further clarification on anything.