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New customer delayed order

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New customer delayed order

I had a "go live" date of 14/12 and phone was on that day, but as of 25/12 I still don't have a working broadband connection, even though PN advised me openreach were to do the work 22/12 for the connection to be up and running 23/12.
Now there's another delay and I've got to spend Christmas with no working broadband.

I appreciate my issue is down to openreach dragging their heels or whatever they are doing but does anyone ever take a minute to assess the true implications of such delays and non connection?

My son has just finished a temporary work contract and is looking for work- he can't do that with no broadband in rural Norfolk.
He has planning and media to assemble for an amateur pantomime after Christmas - something he can't do without broadband.
Can anyone tell me how I can stop a 27 year old bursting into tears because plusnet never answered my call yesterday after 56 mins and again 2 hours later after 47 mins?
You was supposedly open till 8pm yesterday?

I'm on call all over Christmas for weather dependent services so I need broadband over a cellular / 4g connection and I cannot do that in rural Norfolk with no broadband.

Being left with no connection 11 days after my go live date, being told the connection would definitely be up and running a couple of days ago and having to deal with now both my grown up children being reduced to tears over these problems means I'm not very likely to stay a PN customer after all these issues.
To say I'm frustrated and upset is a gross misunderstatement!


My third son has been a PN customer for over 2 years but now says after my problems and the fact his own price seems to keeps rising every few months means he is also like to leave for a new supplier as well.
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Re: New customer delayed order

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Re: New customer delayed order

Hey @Ivan1972

Thanks for getting in touch on our Community Forum and I'm really sorry to hear about the issues that you're having in getting online. You're right, in that this is an issue on Openreach's end, and our provisioning team are working hard to get them to push this order through as quickly as possible.

Looking at the notes on the order, we received a notification on Friday stating tat "pre visit activities are in progress", a bit vague for my liking, and they're not online today to provide any further info. Sad

Going forward, I've updated the open complaint / ticket on the account with some internal notes, asking my colleagues o contact Openreach for a further update tomorrow and to raise a separate escalation with them if the update is not meaningful.

In terms of your sons account, we clearly mention in our T&Cs that all new contracts, as of October 2020 are subject to CPI+ price rises. Smiley


 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds