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New build - Line speed is zero and no fibre available

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New build - Line speed is zero and no fibre available



I'm hoping that the plusnet reps on here can help. I'm due to move into a new build house and would like to have my phone and broadband through Plusnet and obviously I will need the phone line connected. 


Today I went to order it online and when I put my address details in (which are recognised) it shows the line speed available to me as 0-0mbps and i can only order ASDL with Fibre not being available. Now I assume that this is a fault due to my house being brand new and not having a phone line yet. I checked on the BT DSL checker and this shows my house as having a speed of 7mbps but with a speed range of 0-0mbps again. Still no fibre. 


So I rang up the sales line to see if they could help but after much searching they told me that my line speed was 7mbps and I can't get Fibre due to the exchange being full. 


Now I don't think this is correct for two reasons. I put my next door neighbours details in on the postcode checker (they have already moved in) and it shows that they are on the same cabinet as myself. Now on there details it gives the speed range along with fibre being available. If I check on the plusnet website it would allow me to start ordering so I find it odd that it would do that if the exchange is full. 


I've also spoken to a friend on the same estate who is do to move in shortly and he says that his DSL checker page was showing exactly the same as mine until recently when it changed with to provide the full details.


It's this that makes me think that somewhere something needs to update to allow me have access to the full product range and at the moment it just using basic information that the whole build site was defaulted to. 


I hope this makes sense and if one of the rep's could look into it I would appreciate it. 

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Re: New build - Line speed is zero and no fibre available

From your description it looks like Fibre has been installed to your nearest cabinet - but with limited capacity.   (fairly common on new estates!) Those moving in first have probably absorbed the initial installed No. of circuits.  Optimistically the maximum capacity of your cabinet has not been exceeded yet and additional kit can be added.  But even that may disappear very quickly.

Hopefully one of the PN team will pick up this thread on Monday and check the details.



Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: New build - Line speed is zero and no fibre available

Hi seatmad,

Welcome to our community pages. Please feel free to private message me all your address details and I can look into this more thoroughly for you