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Are Openreach always this bad?

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Are Openreach always this bad?



I'm a new customer to Plusnet and noticed that I'm having similar problems to lots of other first-timers. I wanted to get on the forum first to see how a typical installation goes - and how far after the initial agreed installation date it would take to sort out.


So far I have been given an initial installation date for a broadband package: 17/06/2016.

After the first email confirming the phone service is ready to use on the 17th, I checked my phone line. 

It had No Dial Tone (NDT) from the master socket - which is the old type LJU. So I logged a call with Plusnet. 

The same day I received an email telling me that the broadband would take another 3-5 days for the broadband to be connected. The broadband connection date had been due for completion 23/6/2016.


The next day (18th June) I received another email moving the due date to the 24/6/2016. 

I checked the master socket with my multimeter and found that both pairs are dead. So, obviously NDT.

Fault email status received: 

Fault Type:NDT Test Results:Test Result: Fail - Fault located between DP and customer apparatus (no appointment required) Description: FAULT - Dis In Network Fault Ref:TR0000006102326 Estimated Response Time: 22/06/16 


I get an email confirming that Openreach have fixed the fault:

We have had confirmation from our suppliers that your phone fault should now be fixed. We have checked the line and everything appears to be in order but we are not able to account for every eventuality.  If your service is still not working please get back in touch and we will be happy to investigate further for you.   *INTERNAL* Main Fault Location: OK (No fault found) Fault Code: NDT (No Dial Tone) Clear Code: 81.4 Clear Message: Cleared in PCP

Which meant that the PCP had been checked and is working.

"Primary Cross-connection Point (PCP) - this is the local street cabinet in which cables extending out to local distribution points are aggregated and connected to larger copper and fibre optic cables to move the voice and data signals to and from the local exchange. The number of connections managed in a PCP depends on the number of end user premises in an area, but is usually several hundred (200-400) lines."

Still NDT. Report the fault to Plusnet.

Receive an email yesterday saying that I'm up and running.

Receive another email confirming the fault 23/6/2016 at 6.25pm.

This is my current status. 

The main issue I see is that the Openreach engineers seem to be doing the absolute minimum to resolve faults. Wouldn't it be easier for them to run an end-to-end fault check once the fault is reported just to save another call out? I have my phone plugged in, so it shouldn't be rocket science to run this type of test?


I can gather from the current hokey-cokey that the fault lies between the PCP and my socket. As the socket is still dead. 

The most likely places the fault has occurred is the DP (Distribution Point) which is up the telegraph pole 10 metres away. Or at the FTTC cabinet at the end of my street, which is about 50 metres away.

At the current rate, I can assume that the FTTC cabinet will be check next, found to be faulty. The connection will be tested by BT Openreach and if no fault is found, it's reported back to Plusnet as fixed and my line will be Schrödinger's cat.

Then will take it to the next fault call with plusnet, until they check the DP on the pole over the road.

So I'll have to wait another couple of weeks before I have a line and broadband?

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Re: Are Openreach always this bad?

OR used to test a repair by ringing the number and checking with the user. I don't know if they still do that, but it would be logical, wouldn't it?

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Re: Are Openreach always this bad?

They do not. Insofar as I know. 

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Re: Are Openreach always this bad?

To my first post, it looks like things are being resolved very quickly.


I had an Openreach engineer call today - I happened to be in - and managed to spend 3 hours sorting out the NDT on my line.

It transpired that it had never been connected. Which I find hard to fathom, as the upstairs flat have a fully working BT connection. 

He worked tirelessly and had to climb a telegraph pole to work out the best line to use for broadband. So, the phone line is now working. I'm just waiting for confirmation from Plusnet on the next stage, which should be the activation.

Wish me luck.