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How long for a call back?

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How long for a call back?

I'm getting a bit fed up of chasing Plusnet right now.

We signed up for broadband (regular, not fibre) on the 8th of May and right now we're still waiting to get online. I understand that a lot of the delays are caused by BT but as Plusnet has taken our money and we're dealing with them rather than BT it's them we're having to go to.

First of all our scheduled engineer visit for the 31st of May was cancelled. We then got a message telling us that our order had been cancelled. I chased this up and eventually we got it rescheduled for the 15th of June.

This was set up and I got a message telling me my phone number, except there was no number in it. A day or so later I got an email telling me I had to call to advise Plusnet of my phone number, which I hadn't yet been given. I called up and got it (the reason for it not being included in the message was because of the order being cancelled or something). The router was set up and I thought we'd be good to go.

Except we tried setting it up when we got the message to say the broadband was set up and we were getting a flashing/solid/flashing light on the broadband light. We checked the phone line and we weren't getting a dial tone so got onto technical support who told us we'd have to have an engineer out.

By this point we'd been waiting almost seven weeks to get connected so I was understandably frustrated. I spoke to a manager who assured me they or one of their colleagues would call today at 6pm to check we were connected.

After rearranging our schedules so someone could be in the house again the BT engineer came out and announced that there was a broadband fault and that he couldn't fix it. So someone else would have to come out, meaning our third call out in almost two weeks. And we don't actually know who's organising this.

After waiting nearly an hour for the scheduled manager call back I called the technical support line. I was told this would need to be dealt with by the Faults Team and after being on hold for a while the person I spoke to said the line was very busy and someone would call me back.

And surprise, surprise, I'm still waiting.

I'm reaching the end of my tether. It's been nearly two months since Plusnet took my £80, my husband and I have wasted countless hours waiting in for engineers or calling Plusnet, I still don't think we're any nearer to getting connected and I cancelled my mobile phone data package a month ago because I thought I'd have internet access at home by now.

What else should I be doing right now to get connected?
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Re: How long for a call back?

Oh dear. Hopefully someone from Cust Support picks this up early tomorrow- there are far too many instances of orders, such

as yours, being inexplicably cancelled with unnecessary delays & hassle for the customer  Smiley

PN's track record on keeping customers informed is also below, currently acceptable standards.

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Re: How long for a call back?

Hello there. This doesn't make for good reading, I'm sorry for the issues you're going through to get connected. 😢 I'll take a look at your account first thing tomorrow for you.


@caitblick Having tested your line today I can see that the connection is quite intermittent and this would need to be looked at by a broadband engineer. I've raised a fault to our broadband suppliers now. I'll let you know when they come back to us with more information.

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