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My Order

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My Order

I signed up for plusnet fibre *months* ago and have not received it yet.  I have the basic broadband but the fibre order is on a waiting list and has been since March. I had an open question (121668954) where I asked (multiple times) for you to monitor the situation and let me know when fibre became available. The question has now been closed without resolution. In addition you are charging me for fibre even though I don't have it yet. I can't reopen the question or ask a new one through your website so I am doing it here.

Is there a reason why it is taking so long to get fibre? Please continue to let me know the current status and change my billing so I am charged appropriately.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: My Order

Good Afternoon, 


Unfortunately due to the amount of time it would take to manually check every account wanting to move onto Fibre we can no longer do this from our side and do request that customers try to check for up to date information on Fibre being available for their line, I'm really sorry if this wasn't advised to you previously.


Ideally you should have been changed onto an ADSL contract when Fibre was found to not be available so that pricing was changed but this wasn't done, would you be able to give our options team a quick call on 0800 013 2632 so that we can correct the pricing(unfortunately this needs to be done over the phone) and we can get refunds over to you for any overpayments since the service started.


In regards to when Fibre may be available this is really dependent on demand in your area and Openreach/BT Wholesale adding more equipment to the exchanges/cabinets or other customers in the area leaving a fibre service. I have seen availability come back in a matter of hours, I've also seen it take the better part of a year, sadly it's not something we can predict, the best option would be to use BT's DSL checker as this is what determines if we can place a Fibre order on a line