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Mistakes when I ordered upgrades

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Registered: ‎11-05-2016

Mistakes when I ordered upgrades

I recently decided to upgrade my account. During the process I left off some information. I've tried to  contact Plusnet to cancel the upgrade by putting this message to them.

Judging by a lot of the posts on this forum I very much doubt that my order will be cancelled but I can only hope. 

I have looked at these topics and unfortunately cannot find the answer to my problem. I would like Plusnet to completely ignore my requests that I made on Thursday 31st December. Please would you leave my account as it was before I asked for the upgrade.
If you would reset my account so that "an error has occurred . You cannot make any changes to your account while a phone order is being processed " I will then know my instructions have been carried out. Better still please email me when the upgrade has been cancelled. 
Apologies for any inconvenience caused
Thanks and regards
Chris Powell

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Re: Mistakes when I ordered upgrades

@chrispbug10 You can only cancel this change by calling - messages on this forum will not be accepted. Sorry.