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Missed appointment no show from openreach

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Missed appointment no show from openreach

Waited 2 months to get a booking - the day came, took time off work - engineer never turned up - even though I had had a message the night before to say he would. I contacted him on the number he messaged me from - he then informed me that the job had been given to someone else as he had to go home -FINE - BUT no one else contacted me, they just sacked it off. I managed to get in contact with plus net who can now only offer me another install date of 10th Jan that will be nearly 4 months of waiting - Get your act together, absolute joke!!!! Extremely poor communication.


I hope your going to sort the compensation out for missing the appointment and having to take what will now be 2 days off work??? Lets see!!

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Re: Missed appointment no show from openreach

A warm welcome to the forums.

Plusnet and all of the ISPs) are utterly at the mercy of BT Openreach.  Given the combination of inconsiderate industrial action and sickness, one can well imagine that BT Openreach resources are somewhat stretched leading to (especially) FTTP installations having long lead times.  In many way, BT Openreach are revering to their nationalised GPO performance levels - 3 months to get a new line installed ... and it does not really matter, as there is no other provider to turn to.  As for compensation, well that comes from their customers - the ISP.

Ofcom Automatic Compensation Scheme

Plusnet is signed up to the Ofcom Automatic Compensation Scheme - see Automatic Compensation FAQs. Plusnet will pay you automatic compensation in the following circumstances:

  1. Delayed activation of your broadband and/or landline service
  2. Delayed repair following a total loss of service
  3. Missed appointments

For compensation to be paid, you must have a CONFIRMED date for the failed activity. To see what is happening in detail, check the ticket history on your account - log into the portal in another tab, return here and click the PN TICKET link below. Look at the details of the tickets; if there appears to be no recent activity, contact support.


Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.