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House move fiasco :(

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House move fiasco :(

I understand we are in exceptional times. I know I am not the only/first/last person this has happened to. But I am so frustrated, dejected and disappointed with the lack of service, Plusnet. I also appreciate that it is no one particular persons fault. But at this crucial time when many of us are still working from home 3 weeks' notice for a house move should be more than enough notice!! In a nutshell, informed them of house move on 01/06/20, line was meant to go live on moving day, 19/6/20. Since then apparently requests have been raised, expedited, cancelled, paused, engineer booked for today 8am-1pm, of course no-one turned up, then received an email at lunchtime to say there doesn't seem to be an update for this. I am a secondary teacher and have missed the best part of a week of work, with 10 classes and a tutor group relying on me. My daughter can't access her college lectures online either and has assessments due in for her final grade. I am just at my wits end as getting nowhere with people on the phone (who are very polite, btw) Oh and to top it all, apparently instead of paying a fee to move house (?!) I have to sign up to a new 2-year contract at a much higher price (nearly twice as much as some competitors), which effectively means I am still paying the moving fee anyway??? Grrrr. Embarrassed that I even bothered to recommend Plusnet to people. Is anyone else having/had moving issues?  How long did it take for them to get resolved? Has anyone successfully cancelled their contract as Plusnet not delivering the service that was promised? I hate to be so negative, but I am so worried about our work & college Sad


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: House move fiasco :(

Hi Tracy,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'm really sorry to hear of your house move delay and appreciate your frustration. Please accept my apologies for the experience you have had



I called you to discuss the issue, so thank you for your time on the phone earlier. I am monitoring this for you here and I'll get back to you tomorrow once I have further information.


In the meantime, please do not hesitate to come back to us if you have any further questions.


Thanks - LF

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Re: House move fiasco :(

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