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Fibre Not Migrated

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Fibre Not Migrated

My previous Vodafone service disconnected yesterday, and I got a notification that my Fibre Service was ready from Plusnet by email at about 8.20 last night, however I still cannot connect to the service.

All I get is the large Orange light and Orange 'B' symbol on the router. I've rebooted several times, but the problem remains.

I logged in to the router and checked that username is correct, and that the password is the same as my Plusnet account, but the service shows as "disconnected" and clicking on connect does nothing.

Rebooting the Router, gives a green light, followed by it briefly turning blue, then flashing orange, and eventually, after a few minutes the 'B' symbol also lights orange.

Changing the username to results in an immediate connection, albeit it at sub 2Mbps speeds.


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Re: Fibre Not Migrated

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Re: Fibre Not Migrated

Thanks a lot for reaching out @maureenandmalc


I've just run some tests on the line, and have been in touch with the account holder. It appears that the router is in set up mode, and needs to be authenticated in order for it to work. Please follow the instructions below to authenticate the Plusnet Hub One:


1. ensure that the device you're using is connected to the router, open up a web browser and enter into the URL field of a web browser.


2. You'll now be on your Plusnet Hub Manager. Navigate to Advanced Settings (after entering the admin password), and on the sub menu, select Broadband


3. Delete the word "setuo" from the Broadband username, and replace it with the correct Broadband username, then enter the account password.


4. Click connect, you should now be good to go.


If you have any issues after this, please feel free to reach out, or contact our Technical Support Team on 0800 432 0200.

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds