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Delayed activation no date

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Delayed activation no date

Hi, I signed up recently and have only had issues with Plusnet. I moved into a property which had an existing Plusnet line cancelled on the 29/10.

I was told on signup that due to this we’d send a router and get you activated within days. The phone line was activated very quickly.

I then had a router dispatched which has arrived. Yesterday I was told there will be a delay with my broadband, called yourselves and you didn’t know why. I was now told my address had a spelling issue by yourselves when it went to Openreach and it could be up to another week without internet. I was then told my copper line is setup but I can’t use that temporarily until my fibre is installed which I believe was existing until 29/10

I work from home and physically cannot work at the moment, I have no bt hot spots, poor phone signal and no where feasible I can go for internet. I log into the system now and am told We're waiting for confirmation that your broadband order, due {strCustActivationdate}. I currently have crucial work to do and next week am having to go abroad for exams.

Please can something be done to help me with this
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Delayed activation no date

Hi there Jordan, I'm really sorry for the delays in getting your connection up and running. 


We're facing quite a lot of delays at the moment as a knock-on effect from recent industrial action so it's taking longer than we'd like in some cases. 


I've checked and an activation date of 15/12/22 has been set against the order now so everything should be working on that date for you and apologies again for the delays.



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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team