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Delayed Order

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Delayed Order

I'm currently without internet and my Fibre order has been delayed, the latest response I have is:


Good morning,

I have spoken to our suppliers to find out whats happening with your broadband order they have confirmed that when the engineer went out to complete the work,

Your order is delay due to system issues requiring a bridge case. Bridge case BY751938 raised. in order to trigger kci2 for the order and we have been advised to review order on 17/02/2017

Please review the order on 17/02/2017 for a further update.  We will continue to monitor this for you and if needs be we'll chase this up for on Friday.  This Question is now on hold until Friday 17th February at 7:00am.

Is there any way to escalate Openreach to resolve this more quickly?  Also, does anyone know what KCI2 means.  

Lastly, "they have confirmed that when the engineer went out to complete the work," reads like an unfinished story, I'm dying to know what the engineer discovered when he went out to complete the work!  I'm hoping aliens.  

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Re: Delayed Order

Good Morning Smiley 


A KCI is a notification from Openreach or BT Wholesale to ourselves about the state of an order, a KCI-2 is generally called a "committed" KCI which means the order is set to be complete and has been assigned a completion date. This is usually the final step before the KCI-3 which is the order closed message.


I will take a look at your account and see if there is any further information available



I've checked this BT Wholesale who mentioned previous routing issues on your order, essentially there was information missing about how the connection routes through their network to your property, this has now been rectified and we are awaiting a new engineer to be assigned to complete the final work at the cabinet(green box on your street)


We are due to receive this information at some point today but as this can be anytime, BT Wholesale have requested we check with them tomorrow as to when this work can go ahead, I have pressed the fact that this is delayed and needs to be rectified urgently.


Once one of my colleagues picks this up tomorrow we'll get more information over to you.