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Broadband still not activated

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Broadband still not activated

An engineer came round to sort my broadband around midday today. He said it would probably be activated after he completed the job (around 2ish). He left the router in and told me to keep an eye on the internet as it may come in in the next few hours. It’s been a while now and the light on the router is still orange. I’ve tried resetting, turning off and on etc. it very briefly turned blue but and said broadband connected on the hub but I still didn’t have an internet connection on my devices.

I really need this connection by tomorrow as I’ve gone around 10 days without internet and unable to join meetings for work etc. Can anyone help? Not convinced it will start by midnight
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Re: Broadband still not activated

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Re: Broadband still not activated

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay with your order, I can see it completed last night and you're up and running now? 

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