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Topcashback declined

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Topcashback declined

Plusnet services started yesterday and today I discovered that my tracked cashback has been declined without any explanation. Anyone else experienced this or can advise who is responsible for the cashback... plusnet or topcashback. I have already lodged a claim with tcb but don't rate their service for sorting it out they usually just fire out emails without explanation or ownership of problem.

any help appreciated. 

Also how can you send a message to plusnet


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Re: Topcashback declined

Moderator's note:

I have moved this to My Account/Billing and, hopefully, a member of staff will pick this up tomorrow.

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Re: Topcashback declined

Hi Sammy,


Sorry about the problem with your cashback.


Some cashbacks were incorrectly declined which we've since resolved and approved. This is likely the fallout of that, and TopCashBack may just need a nudge to let them know it's been approved.


I believe it can take some time for the claim to be processed by TCB, usually up to 30 days. I have also checked our affiliate tracker so we can see your account was created through TopCashBack and therefore eligible.


Can you let us know when you get a response back from TCB?




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