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Plusnet refusing my £70 rewards card for signing up

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Plusnet refusing my £70 rewards card for signing up

It just goes from bad to worse.


Not only have i had 4 engineers to actually get connected at the speeds promised...i won't bore you with the incompetence of one in particular engineer that managed to cut us off completely.

Anyway its now around 7 weeks and finally things are just about much for 'switching is quick and easy'.

But now after being promised the £70 rewards card for switching my broadband, they now have told me i didn't enter a code so wont get it. It's just nonsense.  I then asked if I could switch to someone else for free.  They told me it would cost be nearly £200 to switch, despite me having speed issues for 6 weeks and even receiving emails from them stating my speeds do not reach the speed guarantee.


20 years with my last ISP no issues, one month with PlusNet nothing but terrible service with horrendous customer support.


I feel in limbo, its took so long for me to sort out my broadband and the very least they could do is offer me what was promised.  Does anyone know where I stand legally as it just doesn't seem fair.

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Re: Plusnet refusing my £70 rewards card for signing up

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet refusing my £70 rewards card for signing up

Hiya @rubix1942,


I'm really sorry for the experience you have had and for the inconvenience this has caused.


This is not the start we would like any of our customers to experience and I can see that you have raised a complaint with our high level escalations team.


You will be assigned a case handler in the next few days who will contact you to discuss a resolution. 


Once again, I am really sorry.

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