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Plusnet declined Quidco cashback claim

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Plusnet declined Quidco cashback claim

I signed up to Plusnet in January through Quidco Compare who were offering £37.50 cashback, as well as a £50 pre paid Mastercard.


For some reason my cashback didn't track so I had to raise a claim with Quidco who would then in turn raise it with Plusnet. I have just heard back from Quidco saying that Plusnet have declined my cashback as I didn't "keep to the terms and conditions" and that there is no capacity to appeal this and that it is basically final because Plusnet have refused to pay out.


I'm pretty hacked off with this as this was one of the biggest reasons i signed up to Plusnet. How can it be advertised that you'll get cashback then Plusnet just refuse to pay out on it? I received my £50 pre paid master card, but the £37.50 was advertised as being in *addition* to this - advertised similar to the below one that Vodafone are currently running (except it was obviously listed as £37.50 + £50 voucher when Plusnet were running their offer):



I can't think of any other reason the cashback would be declined. I signed up through Quidco compare and went through to Plusnet's website and signed up all in one go online and still have the service active, all bills up to date etc.

I just called up Customer Services and spoke to a lady who even didn't know what Quidco was so couldn't really help me, although she did raise a complaint for it (232298747). I've seen that others on the forum have had similar issues with Quidco cashback + plusnet £50 Mastercards.

Any help welcome - haven't had the smoothest of starts with Plusnet what with my speeds being significantly below the minimum guaranteed speeds and now this.


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Re: Plusnet declined Quidco cashback claim

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet declined Quidco cashback claim



I'm sorry to see that you didn't get your Quidco cashback, as we've fulfilled our part in terms of getting your £50 card to you the rest is something that Quidco will need to help you with as it's all done through them with no involvement from us to either approve or reject it. 


I'd go back to them to advise that and advise them to look into it further for you.



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