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Account has been deleted

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Account has been deleted

I have been a member since 1999 moving from dial up to broadband some years ago, I have also recommended many people to Plusnet as they have been a brilliant service provider. However today I couldn't log into my email account, a quick call to Plusnet and they told me that my account had been removed through a fault on their behalf, and cannot rectify it. So I lost my email that hundreds of customers get in touch with me, I have also lots my broadband at home. I know it isn't a business account but when you run a small business with a handful of staff it's difficult sometimes to separate home life and work, as this was my first email address it just became a point of contact for customer. I was told that it is a legacy account and nothing can be done to correct the error. How is it possible that a company who ties me up with a contract that is legally binding, however when the tables are turned they can just turn my account off and say whoops our mistake but we cannot turn it back on as it is legacy. In an instant cancelling a contract that if I do not pay a bill then they will send bailiffs round. Not that I have ever missed a bill. I am utterly disappointed with the lack of help that I was offered. It is clearly something that could be sorted if someone put there mind to it. Being a legacy account is no excuse for leaving me with no email or broadband and using the simple line of we accidentally deleted your account but cannot undelete it. Can ofcom help me with this matter? I cannot log into any of my personal accounts. My bank, HMRC, the NHS, Facebook or any online services for that matter. That is only my personal accounts, I've lost access to everything online for my business.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Account has been deleted

I'm so sorry about the situation we've left you in here. I've had a look through the account and will take time to dig further into why this happened in the first place as that's very concerning indeed.


I've double checked what steps we've taken to try and reactivate the account for you and can see the reasons why it's definitely not possible unfortunately. 


Looking at what we could do to help here is I can arrange to get a new account set up for you and orders to reconnect broadband expedited, it looks like you might have decided to move over to another provider but do let me know if you change your mind for some reason. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team