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No new contract options

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No new contract options


I want a new minimum term contract, but there are no options available, other than the full price out of contract offering.


Is this correct?

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Re: No new contract options



my current contract expires late july and my renewal proposal from plusnet  for Fibre Unlimited extra  has just been recieved - I did some research and noticed that for new customers  via the web the offer for 18 months contract  is £27.99 while for a 12 month contract it's only £26.99 !!! both figues include what appears to be the obligatory line rental but excludes any call packages


you may be interested in this bit of there renewal proposal email  "But don't worry, we have some great offers for you - even new customers can't get better."


fyg my renewal quote is £3,00 less than my current deal ( basis there proposed 18 month renewal ) so you may be able to use that when talking to CS about renewals



You can try to talk to renewals  or mybe better  I want to leave option on call desk and try to get them to agree to a 12 month contract


hope this hepls