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Moving to a care home

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Moving to a care home

My Mother (95) has had to move into a care home with dementia. I set up her current plunet account for her flat. I would like to cancel the account as she does not need it anymore . So she has moved already and  cant take her internet with her. We have 3 months left on the contract but I would like to cancel now ,how do i do this ?


Many thanks 

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Re: Moving to a care home

@Elderlyrelative  Call Customer options on 0800 013 2632

However, is the account in your name or your mothers ? if the latter then you may find that you need evidence of Power of Attorney to action the cancellation

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving to a care home

Hi @Elderlyrelative


Feel free to send me a private message with the username if you like and I'll arrange for someone to call up and arrange the cancellation. 

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