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Line rental saver

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Line rental saver

Looking for some advice, please. I accepted an offer from retentions tonight and signed up for a new 12-month contract. I didn't think to mention it (but I would've expected the advisor to ask before putting the contract through), but the line rental saver wasn't put through at the same time as the new contract. My new contract takes effect on my next billing date (2nd August). The advisor said if I call back on 2nd August and pay the line rental saver, it'll take effect on the next billing date which would be 2nd September - so it would start 30 days after my new contract and end 30 days after my minimum term is up next year. He put me through to the customer services team and I explained what had happened; the new advisor I spoke to nothing can be done tonight as the system is updating my account with the new contract, but if I call back this Friday then my account will be able to accept the change, i.e. the line rental saver can be set to start in line with when my new contract starts.

Could someone offer some clarity here, please? My head is hurting a bit after trying to get this sorted.
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Re: Line rental saver

Hi @champ388 

I'm sorry for the advice you were provided and line rental saver wasn't taken before the renewal put in place. Unfortunately due to the way the system works we can't take a line rental saver payment while the contract change is in progress.

I've been thinking of the best way we can resolve this without causing an adverse side effect in the system, and I've added a reply onto the support ticket which I hope helps.

Feel free to let us know over here once you've responded to the ticket and we'll be happy to pick this back up.

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