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Landline bill

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Landline bill

I’ve just had a higher phone bill than expected. I think about two months ago I had an email but as I wasn’t wanting to change my contract with them I didn’t really take it seriously. My next bill was much lower and I think what’s happened is that they have removed my any time landline subscription back to pay for all calls. I didn’t ask them to do this and didn’t know they had, and I continued making calls thinking they were all within the subscription. Hence an unwitting higher bill last month. I think this was their mistake and I would like to contact them to suggest as a goodwill measure they revert my bill back to what it has been for the past two or three years and they immediately reinstate my anytime subs as opposed to having to wait another month. I don’t know why the subscription was changed. I didn’t ask them to. 

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Re: Landline bill

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Re: Landline bill

Hey @Duncan1958,

I'm really sorry for the delay in getting back to you this week. I've had a look into this and raised a support ticket on your account, which can be accessed here. Please let me know once you've had a chance to read and respond to the ticket and I'll be happy to pick this back up for further review asap Smiley 

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