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Incorrect contract period

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Incorrect contract period

Logged onto my account noticed my contract period and length was incorrect on basis renewed back in February 2022 for18month period .Account saying 24 months, called Plusnet 23rd march after long call was transferred to what I think was the retention dept offered me new 12 month contract despite mine not expiring for another 4 months, said will think about it , guy said he would call me in 2 days , no call, was also told correct period would be applied to my account, logged on no change.

Called Plusnet again 3rd April still incorrect period said would change , still no change. Called Plusnet 10th May spoke to Katie explained issue and the fact was offered new contract with no one calling me , seems I am thinking that they cannot reduce the incorrect period showing on my account which by the way shows expires august 2024(wrong) have emails on system when took out 18 month contract in feb 2022, anyway back to 3rd conversation with Plusnet got the someone will call you back to discuss this issue within 2 days still waiting.

Have been with Plusnet since 2009 but maybe only for a couple more months 


Maybe someone needs to communicate with me 



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Incorrect contract period

Morning @jaxi 

I'm sorry to hear how this has happened and for how long it's taken us to reply.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to fix this today but I've messaged a colleague that should be able to correct this.

As soon as this has been done I'll let you know 

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team