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Changing direct debit

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Registered: ‎17-05-2023

Changing direct debit

You cut off my Internet in error on Sunday. I had to setup another account with yourselves to get reconnected.

when you setup my account. In error I gave the wrong bank details. Your agent said never mind can't change it now. Change it online.

I can't change it online for 6 days

I called. You couldn't change it either.

You promised you would call back today. You didn'

I still can't change the direct debit details. Until then you won't process my details to reconnect my Internet you admit you ceased in error.

After reading this back. Is this the customer service you aspire to. Its not award winning. More a comedy of errors.


Can someone just resolve this mess.




Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Changing direct debit

@Colinhug I'm really sorry for the trouble. Not a good experience at all. I'll DM you so you can send me your username and I’ll take a look in more detail. TA

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