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How long will it take to get set up at my new home?

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Registered: ‎19-08-2019

How long will it take to get set up at my new home?

I’ve been trying to get answers to a few simple questions for a while now. I haven’t heard anything from Plusnet since 24th July when I rand to tell you I wanted to move and take you with me.
I’ve called since and either “the right team wasn’t in the office” or “we’re too busy” and the phone gets hung up automatically.
All I want to know is:
- Is my order still going through as I have an error message on my account which is very confusing?
- How long is it going to take for me to actually get Internet here at my new place? I haven’t even heard about an engineer coming out yet.
- Can I cancel due to slack customer service or will I have to pay through the nose to do so?

I am very disappointed with Plusnet. “Doing us proud”? I think not. I’m assuming I’m still going to be charged in full on my next bill even though I haven’t used the Internet for about 2 weeks now because I haven’t had the opportunity!!!

I would greatly appreciate someone from Plusnet actually responding to this post this time as I posted a few days ago and have heard nothing. Losing my patience rapidly.