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Get money back

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Get money back

I have paid  £25.99 by card upfront for one month line rental and broadband on 21th October, but the process was not successfully completed. I got in touch with Customer Service on 22th October and was told I have to pay again and this money would be refunded within a few working days. So I decided to pay again  £25.99 and called a second time on 24th October as refund had not gone into my bank account and told to wait a few more days. Please could someone tell me how can I get my money back. 

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Re: Get money back

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Re: Get money back

As far as I’m aware if the signup process fails the money isn’t received by Plusnet so it’d be in a holding period with your bank before being released back in due course. 

Generally happens within 5 working days but if it’s longer it may be worth contacting your bank.