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From Bad To Very Bad !!

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From Bad To Very Bad !!


Well guess you just could not make this [-Censored-] up even after my bad start renewal with Plusnet after many happy years I'm afraid you have gone to far now ..... Past three months it appears they have taken it upon them self's to charge me Double and leave me with over £60 worth of bank charges for been over drawn.

When I phoned I thought I might of got at least got a full refund and the charges returned ...No

Just threatened with extra charges if I leave before end of Contract ended and how did they word it Oh yeah Gesture of good will .... Just reading Trust Pilot reviews today Ill quoting what someone has put on there "WOULD RATHER CHEW GLASS " couldn't of put it better myself and R.I.P.   Really Really Bad Customer Service

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: From Bad To Very Bad !!

Hi @Reason5


I'm really sorry to read about your experience and I have responded to your other post.


Kind Regards

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Re: From Bad To Very Bad !!

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