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Is it me or does anyone else feel disappointed that their bill has increased by 9.8%. When plusnet still advertised the same rate that you signed up for online.
I accept prices are rising but can't help feel exploited by plusnet because you can't get out of a contract without it costing. No integrity in my opinion and a insult to their current customers .. I will be leaving at the end of my contract or before if they will release me foc.
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Re: Exploited

If someone buys an item in a sale is everyone who buys the same item after the sale has ended being exploited? Or if you signed up with a gift card, are existing customers who signed up without receiving this perk being exploited?

I’m afraid that it’s how these things work.

Caveat Emptor.

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Re: Exploited

Yes you are right to feel exploited... but that's what most companies seem to do with their existing customers. Anyone too lazy to switch suppliers will be exploited these days.  Existing customers are seen as a cash cow, offer lower prices to attract new customers in and a lot will not be bothered to move at the end of their contracts.  Insurance companies were notorious for doing this for years until recent legislation on some products.

The CPI + increase is in the contract and increasingly made clear at sign up so you ought to have been aware and factored it in when you signed up.... Moral of the story seems to be to forget any loyalty to a company and flip to a better deal as prices go up.

I just switched from Plusnet mobile for the same reason, new customer price stays the same but anyone signed up  already gets an annual increase.

Loyalty just doesn't pay anymore.