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Can't log in to metronet portal to change password

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Can't log in to metronet portal to change password

Hi. I am almost certain my metronet email account has been hacked and they are actively monitoring it so I want to change the password. How can I achieve this please?

I can view my metronet emails in webmail but can find no option to reset the password there. I can send/receive metronet emails via the Bluemail app on my Android phone, so I know what the username and password for the mail servers are.

I cannot log into the metronet portal ( using the same combination of username and password. The error simply reads 'Response code 403'

If I try to reset my password I get 'We've not been able to find your account details' regardless of whether I enter just the username (with the or whether I enter the full email address.

If I call the support number given (0845 1400083) I don't know which option to choose to speak to a suitable support person.

Can you advise me please?

With thanks.

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Re: Can't log in to metronet portal to change password

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Re: Can't log in to metronet portal to change password

Hi there,

I'm really sorry to see you're having issues logging into your Metronet account and changing your password.

I've had a look for your account and the Metronet e-mail address you've used in your forum profile isn't bringing up an account for some reason though I know that Metronet is a unique beast with "master" and "child" accounts linked together. 

Can you private message me your account username so I can take a closer look?

Also if you were to call us, I'd  recommend calling 0800 432 0200 as it's free phone (Selecting the option for technical support/something's not working) but feel free to message me as I can help you here.

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