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Moving to BT/EE FTTP

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Moving to BT/EE FTTP

Apologies if this has been answered before:
Looking to get FTTP for more reliable connection (been available for 2+ years here).

I can see Plusnet will let us move without paying an ETF, but does this require ordering the FTTP via Plusnet Customer Options or BT Telesales?  I only ask as ideally I'd like to order via TopCashBack or one of the comparison sites that often offer cashback or an extra incentive which wouldn't be available direct.

Anyone had any experience of the process?  I've only got a 2 months on my contract left anyway so doesn't matter too much really. 

Alternatively, perhaps Plusnet will launch their FTTP offering next month anyway!  I've waited a while!  Been wondering what options they'll choose as well:
EE are doing the slower 115/20 as the 'bottom' tier and then 500/75 and 1000/115 (down/up) but no VoIP calls are available. 
BT are doing the 160/30, 550/75 and 1000/115 but digital voice if needed (same options with Sky).
Perhaps PN will offer the 220/30 tier to compete with Vodafone?

Will be interesting to see!

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Re: Moving to BT/EE FTTP

Hi there,

Yes we’ll waive termination fees but we’ll need to be the ones to sign you up to BT or EE for FTTP. I’d recommend calling Customer Options on 0800 013 2632. 

Alternatively you can just sign yourself up which may work out better especially if you’re getting cashback though you’d need to pay the termination fee from us.

Also, if you move your landline number across to another provider from us then we’ll close your account automatically, but if not then you’ll have to call the same number as above to manually cancel with us. 

However if you hold off a little while longer you may find you can order FTTP from us in the near future… Lips_are_sealed Cheesy

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