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Billing been wrong since September 18

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Billing been wrong since September 18

Just had another web chat about wrong billing and been told yet again they are sorry and it will be sorted. This is not the first time I have contacted plusnet about billing and don't think it will be the last. How can a simple problem not be fixed, dose anyone at plusnet have a clue what is going on.

Our plan ended in September 18 so went on a 18.99 deal broadband and calls already paid line rental upfront.

our bill was wrong in October they where sorry and will sort it

in Novermber bill wrong again and told sorry will be right in December

December no bill was told problem but don't worry it will be sorted. In January told them that our line rental will be running out soon and that we don't want to pay the call plan. this not a problem we where told. Contacted them over the months to see what was going on and that they had took call plan of bill, told they had.

think it was July when we finely got bill.

From then think the bill was right once.

why do I have to contact plus net every month about a call plan I don't want dose anyone know whats going on. I get passed around on chat before some one agrees will me that my new bill is 21.98 as I no longer have a call plan. they say they will sort it and give me credit or refund only to do the same thing next month.

Fed up awful service, will not be staying. Not a way to run a company. 


Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Billing been wrong since September 18

Hi @pepsi, we are sorry to hear you feel this way and can completely understand your frustration. We do our utmost best to resolve any query as quickly as possible and I am sorry this wasn't the case with you.


I have addressed your query via a ticket on your account. Please click here to view my response.

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