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Another strCustActivationDate thread

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Another strCustActivationDate thread

Would love to know my activation date instead of some broken string template or interpolation code {strCustActivationDate}.  Is there a way for me to find this out?

The guy I spoke to when I set this up said it would be sent to me via email, but I am yet to receive anything that says the date unfortunately.


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Re: Another strCustActivationDate thread

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Re: Another strCustActivationDate thread

Hi @blythesr,

I'm sorry you've not been given a precise timeframe for this yet. I've had a look at the account and the phone orders appear to be due to complete on 22nd of December at anytime up until midnight. If anything changes our Provisioning Team will be in touch to let you know. If you have any additional queries or issues that you'd like to raise then please let us know and we'll be more than happy to help out Smiley

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