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14 days cancel period

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14 days cancel period

My 18 month contract ended in Novemeber 2020 and i've been in a rolling month by month contract since then because i'm going to be moving house in a couple of weeks in late January 2021. The new house i'm moving too has full fat fibre (900mbps) and Plusnet don't do this. I'm going to cancel my account because of this and I read it takes 14 days to do so.


My question is if I phone up tomorrow and ask for an account cancellation will I able to still use the Internet up to those 14 days it takes to cancel the account or do they cancel everything straight away?

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Re: 14 days cancel period


If you have to give 14 days notice and therefore you are paying for 14 days service then common sense says that Plusnet will continue providing a service for 14 days.

On the other hand it's uncertain whether the weird and wonderous ways in which Plusnet operates includes the application of common sense, despite any assurances that you may receive.

One thing is pretty certain, if you are disconnected early in error there's very little chance of being reconnected for weeks.

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