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text to computer

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text to computer

Dear Forum,


Thanking you in advance for any replies.


I currently have a fairly ancient mobile phone.  It has a small screen, and the texts are coloured black on dark grey.  I cannot see them at all well.  Because of this, I forward my texts to my landline, which then reads the texts to me.  As you can imagine, this takes a long time. 


Would it be possible for me to forward texts to my laptop computer?


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Re: text to computer

@MAREK_W  Welcome to the forum.

Have you seen if you can attach the text to an Email then send this to yourself? I can do this by copying and pasting the Text into Notes then Emailing the note. If you pick up the note on your computer then you can deal with it there.

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Re: text to computer

I've no idea if this service still works, but Connectotel used to offer SMS>email facilities which could do what you're looking for?