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What is a "settings update"?

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What is a "settings update"?

I received a pop-up message as soon as I switched on my mobile which read (something like):   "settings update from your provider"

It did not identify who my 'provider' was.   I was offered (something like) "later" "now".

I have not received anything like this before, so I selected "later", and the pop-up popped off..   to where, I have no idea.

Has this strange pop-up really been issued by Plusnet?   If so, why not identify yourself, instead of "from your provider"?

And what is a "settings update", what does it do, and why is it necessary?

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Re: What is a "settings update"?


Newbie to Plusnet mobile, but hope this helps.

Your phone needs various settings (eg carrier, network, etc) to allow it to firstly connect to the mobile network correctly, your provider correctly, and thereafter to provide the services that are part of the contract (eg voice, data, picture messaging, etc.).

Although infrequent they do occasionally need updating - messages always have been from “your provider” that I recall over all the years I’ve had them. I had one in the last two weeks to update the network settings for my Plusnet contract.

Without updating you may loose functionality/services at some point. If you have already lost any function (I had voice and texts, but no data for example for a day or so), you will need to update to have the full service you are contracted for.

BTW you can check the settings in the phone’s setting’s menu (precisely where will be make/model dependant). However, most are meaningless to the general user to view except the carrier should be obvious and will be listed as EE with Plusnet mobile. Checking them on the phone, however, usually triggers an update settings request (can maybe take up to a couple of minutes so leave it open if not immediately displayed) if you want to do an update now rather than wait.


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Re: What is a "settings update"?

With my provider, not PN, it was also necessary, as with many things similar, to reboot the phone for the new settings to work fully. Until that was done there was no access to mobile internet.

They also send a text message, when their SIM is activated, with a link to enter the new settings automatically, or the information/instructions to complete it manually.

The above post, although useful, omits the possible need to reboot.

Nor did my provider.

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Re: What is a "settings update"?

Thanks very much, especially for the explanation.