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Upgrading via app

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Upgrading via app

On the upgrade offers shown through the app, so these include the extra data of you are a broadband customer? At the moment, on the website I can get 4gb data, plus the extra 2 for having broadband, so 6gb in total for £6 per month. Through the app, £6 gets 4gb, but doesn't mention the extra for having broadband, so if I took this, would I get the extra data added on after?
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Re: Upgrading via app

That’s unlikely because the extra data for being a broadband customer is included in an offer, you wouldn’t get more data in addition to the offer you choose. 

It’s hard to say whether the offer we’ve made you in the app takes into account that you’ve got broadband with us. I’d recommend calling our mobile support team on 0800 079 1133 when they’re open tomorrow as they’ll be able to tell you what offers we’ve got on for you.

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