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Unable to leave PlusNet

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Unable to leave PlusNet



I cancelled my mobile subscription in August last year. And was expecting my last bill to be in September.

For some reason PN kept on billing me, and every time I spoke to them they promised to sort it out, cancel my account and refund my payments.

In my app I still have an account and can see that PN billed me £0,00 for the month of December. They then did the same for the month of January, but some numpty then manually adjusted (positive billing adjustment) my bill to £5.69... [-Censored-]

Can you please get your act together and stop billing me for an account I do not use anymore?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Unable to leave PlusNet


Hi @Doogie


I'm sorry to hear that your mobile account has continued to stay open despite my colleague intervention - if you could provide your mobile number, full address and the full name of the account holder via a PM, we'll run you through security and take a look at this for you.


Best wishes