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Text received for Data used up

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Text received for Data used up


I got a text yesterday on the last day of my contract month saying all my data had been used up. I didn't realise that it would cost £1.50 to use an extra few megabytes over my allowance. I would be grateful if anyone can advise if there is a way to get a text telling me my data is close to being used-up? Ideally it would be good to get a text when I have used 1.8GB out of the 2.0GB I am allowed.

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Re: Text received for Data used up

I know it's the phone's determination of how much has been used, but I set a warning and limit in my phone's settings. e.g. warning at 1.5Gb, limit 1.8Gb. When the limit is reached the mobile data switches off.

I'm not with PN Mobile but don't they have an app. in which your usage is avaialble to check? That's not excusing the issue though.

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Re: Text received for Data used up

Good morning Andys-in 

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Depending on what phone you have you can set a data usage limit warning well worth a Google to check

I have it on my Samsung


Brian A

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Re: Text received for Data used up

Hi @Andys-in 


You can download the Plusnet Mobile app which allows you to track your data usage. 


Alternatively, you can set up a smart cap to stop any excessive charges. 


Please feel free to call 500 from your handset to discuss different data packages or assistance with setting up a smart cap. 


Kind regards