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Signal Boost

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Signal Boost



I've searched old forum posts but can't find anything since 2019 on this subject so thought I'd ask if anything had changed.   Where I live we have very poor signal, parts of the house have zero, and at best we have 1 bar in other parts of our home (we have 4 contracts at this address).   All carriers have poor signal reception where we live.   


EE offer a signal booster box that you can connect to your router and it will emulate the 4G signal around your home.   After much googling, its highly unlikely I'll be able to get that working for a PlusNet mobile  (some people have, but seems to be more luck than a proper solution).   Do PlusNet have any other solutions now available?   I'm asking now as 3 of the 4 contracts expire in June so if I can't get reliable signal I'll have to move to a carrier that offers a booster solution, but I would prefer to stay with PlusNet if possible.





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Re: Signal Boost


You need a phone and Mobile service that supports WiFi calling, see

I don’t believe that Plusnet supports this service.

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Re: Signal Boost

Welcome to our community forums @MattL78 

Not much in the way of good news I can say but to confirm I'm afraid that I don't believe signal boosters will work with our mobile service as we don't offer WiFi calling on our network so you may need to move to a provider like EE. Sad

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Re: Signal Boost

Hi Matt,

First, the EE or BT signal booster boosts 3G not 4G. It is designed to booster your mobile voice signal, don't expect fast mobile internet.

Yes, it will work for Plusnet customers BUT the trick is to get signal box registered and enable.

You have to be EE or BT mobile contract customer to get the box enabled. The box needs to be registered for a postcode and EE/BT mobile phone (if you move or buy one on Ebay, it needs to be re-registered by the original EE/BT mobile user. The BT shop did sell them off cheap at one time).

I am not sure if EE/BT still support or enable the signal box as both offer WIFI Calling which has superceded the signal box.

If one of your contracts is with BT/EE then you can try calling their customer support to check. There use to be a special support team who did this.

Once it is enable then it will work for all mobiles using the EE network as a backbone.

As another user suggested Wifi Calling may be the way to go.