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Resolve ASAP please!

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Resolve ASAP please!

Good afternoon,

I have a huge complaint that needs dealing with by the end of today.

I opened an account with PHONES4U back in 2014. It was an 18 month contract . As phones4u went into administration we received letters saying we were now with LIFE mobile. Great, contract ended we didn't renew called up to notify. I was with Vodafone afterwards. Fast forward to last week when I apply for a mortgage and get declined because of 3 missed payments in the last 3 Month. Bear in mind this is the only time I have applied for credit since leaving life mobile and starting up with Vodafone. Downloaded a credit app as I know I pay all of my bills and plus net pops up. Missed payment marks on my account for the past 2.5 years. I'm completely dumbfounded as iv never been with plus net. Some digging on the internet shows me you had taken over Life mobile. I call plus net and they tell me I have arrears of £58. I asked why them why it wasn't cancelled when I requested my contract didn't renew and why no one ever contacted me about this. Apparently you dont send letters out. But you had sent emails. I checked my emails from that date and had one from plus net saying my account was suspended and another saying a late payment fee was applied to my account and nothing since then which was February 2016. They went to an email address I rarely used as my main address was a gmail one. Also... I wouldn't have opened an email from plus net thinking it was just a sales email. I got told my debt had been forwarded on to TDX. I called TDX.... absolutely no record of me. I called plus net back and they find out my account hadn't been sold on at all. Just sat dormant and been ignored for all these years but racking up a missed payment every single month. No letters. No nothing. Not even notified that you was going to attack my credit file. You have absolutely crucified it. Not only have you have cancelled something I asked to be done. You havent notified me once of this. How am I supposed to know? I have paid the £58 in desperation (I will be wanting it back however) My bank have urged me to get in touch with OFCOM as it's illegal to place credit marks on people's accounts without prior notification and sending out FDN's. I am in contact with [CSA Removed] from customer service who has been very helpful but this isn't moving quick enough for me. I want it removing by the end of today before Experien updates tommorrow so I can apply for my mortgage again tomorrow. I have put an offer in and this is the only reason it has declined.

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): CSA name(s) removed (to an area staff can see) as per Forum rules.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Resolve ASAP please!

Hi @Lottie84, thanks for getting in touch.


Please accept my sincerest apologies for the issues you have had with the mobile account and for the marking it has left on your credit report. We would certainly like to investigate this for yourself. Can you please private message:

-your full name
-your full address including postcode
-the mobile number you had



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 Alice Baillie
 Plusnet Help Team